The Best Cars To Hire As Taxis


If you’re a working taxi driver who currently doesn’t have access to a car, then the perfect short-term solution is to hire a vehicle from A Taxi Rentals. Whether your usual vehicle is out-of-action due to an unfortunate accident, inconveniently-timed servicing, or you’re saving to make a purchase, it couldn’t be easier to get back on the road.

Our simple-to-arrange service is also ideal for insurance companies who need to provide clients with a temporary car. All vehicles are fully insured, include breakdown and maintenance cover, and are ready with same-day availability.

To help you decide which set of wheels is right for your needs, here’s a look at some of the models available as part of our fleet.

Hyundai i30

This economical vehicle offers a choice between 1.6 litre turbo diesel engine and 1.4 litre petrol engine. If you opt for the diesel engine, you can expect up to 74.3mpg on the combined cycle, while the petrol engine offers a still respectable 52.3 mpg.

Fuel economy is further improved by Hyundai’s stop-start technology, which automatically cuts the engine when you’re waiting in traffic. Other technology includes an in-built sat-nav available via a clear and responsive touchscreen, alongside a stereo and infotainment options. Additionally, the i30 boasts adequate boot space, with easy-folding seats making way for a maximum 1,301 litre capacity.

Vauxhall Insignia

A five-door hatchback, the spacious Vauxhall Insignia is ideal for comfortable family transport. A 1.4 petrol engine sees performance manage up to 53.3mpg, while Vauxhall claims the alternative Ecoflex diesel engine can see up to 75mpg.

Inside, you’ll find an 8-inch high-res touchscreen, featuring DAB radio and sat-nav functionality. Ultimately, space and comfort is the main aim for this model, with plentiful head and legroom. The boot is also impressively spacious, if slightly limited due to the lack of folding seats.

Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo is a simple and efficient family vehicle, with a van-like MPV design that ensures you can fit a whole family plus holiday luggage without difficulty. This comfortable people carrier offers a choice of 1.6 litre petrol or diesel engine, with Citroen claiming the latter can top 53.3mpg in the right conditions.

With removable back seats, you’ll have no problems with storage, while the high roof offers potential for transporting all kinds of items. If you’re loaded up with sleeping children for the long haul, you can even expect undisturbed nap-times thanks to smooth electrically assisted steering and a quiet engine.

Peugeot Partner

Similar to the Citroen Berlingo, this van-like people carrier is perfect for transporting the whole family, as well as offering heaps of space for luggage. Fuel efficiency is impressive for a vehicle of its size, with a diesel engine range that Peugeot claims can clock results of 61.4 – 67.3mpg.

Inside the cabin you’ll notice lots of space, although the user-friendly cabin and small steering wheel give this vehicle a sporty feel, and ensure it’s easy to maneuverer despite its size. With heaps of head and leg-room, and effective climate control, this comfortable ride will make long journeys a breeze.

If you’re looking for a short-term vehicle hire, our weekly rate is just £190 (with a further daily rate also negotiable depending on circumstance). To ensure a quick turnaround when you collect, please bring along your driving licence, valid badge certificate, NI number, and recent utility bill. For further information, be sure to contact the friendly team at A Taxi Rentals today

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